The Face of Can-Pro...

2018 Dec 20th

A while back, I had a customer call inquiring about stock of an item. The computer said we had 1 in stock, but I don't trust computers. So, as I'm chatting with the customer, I told her that I was just going into the warehouse to make sure we actually had the item in stock. She was quite surprised to hear that our warehouse and office are all under 1 roof. This customer actually envisioned us working in small cubicles, answering phones all day!! When I got off the phone, Jenn and I had a good chuckle about it. In fact, we laughed so hard I think we both had tears running down our cheeks! So, since then, I've been wondering what other people think goes on at Can-Pro. So here it is....The Face of Can-Pro!

Can-Pro is a 2 person crew. Literally - there are 2 of us. To do everything. Here is a list of things we manage to accomplish:

- Day-to-day bookkeeping (entering invoices, invoicing customers, paying bills, etc.)

- Picking orders (usually Jenn's job - she gets her "train" of shopping carts all lined up!)

- Packing orders (always my job - Jenn hates packing, and, well, quite honestly she kind of sucks at it!)

- Rating shipping, often by 3 different methods (my job)

- Invoicing (my job)

- Sticking shipping labels and invoices on boxes (Jenn's job)

- Ordering product, sourcing out new items, contacting suppliers

- Receiving shipments and putting away stock

- Answering phone calls and emails

- Maintaining the warehouse

- Updating the price list (a job that never seems to end!!)

- Creating catalogues and mailing them (yes, we do this ourselves - no fancy graphic designers here!)

- Creating a brand new website, with literally thousands of products to add (yes, we have done it all by ourselves,           with no prior knowledge, so please be patient - we are doing the best we can!!)

Our warehouse is 3200 square feet. Our "office" is really just an adjoined room, that is not only our shared office, but also our packing room. No cubicles here! 

I'm not complaining, the 2 of us always manage to have a good laugh, even on the roughest days. At some point I'm sure a 3rd person will come and join us, perhaps eventually even a 4th and 5th. But for now, we will continue as a team of 2. And there you have it, a little insight to "The Face of Can-Pro"!!