• Nunn Finer

    Jumper Girth Ring

    This streamlined girth ring slips on to any girth that does not have a center D-Ring or buckle. Great for use with training aids. Made from fine Italian Leather and a stainless steel ring. 

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  • Waldhausen

    Waldhausen Bridle Bag

    Tear-resistant and durable bag for storing or transporting the bridle. Incl. two inside securing straps Bags for travelling and competition:Extra light, high quality material. Strong zips and many details, well thought-out internal layout and classic...

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  • Can-Pro Ear Pom Poms

    Keep your horse focused with Can-Pro Ear Pom Poms. Available in black, brown, or grey; package of 12 (6 pairs).

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  • Fly Whisk

    What a luxury to own this beautiful fly whisk ( your horse will enjoy it to). County is the leader in nice quality whip and crops. Handmade in England for the best in quality. Has a leather handle with loop, wooden shaft and braided horsehair whisk. All...

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  • Rubber Keepers 5/8" - Package of 10

    Always losing a keeper? Constantly stretching one out or breaking one? Keep a package of these 5/8" keepers in your tack box that will fit bridles, flashes, breastplates and the like. 

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