Original Horse Bible - 2nd Edition

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The most comprehensive single volume dedicated to horses, Original Horse Bible, 2nd Edition is a celebration of the long relationship that humans and horses enjoy, written by two highly regarded horsewomen, the late Moira C. Allen and Sharon Biggs. Covering an array of topics that span the world of horses, from evolution and domestication to horseback riding, training, competing, and more, this complete guide is a must-have for any avid horse-lover! With detailed profiles of 175 horse breeds, over 100 training and behavior tips, more than 50 riding, grooming, and health takeaways, and so much more, the Original Horse Bible belongs on the shelves of anyone who admires these magnificent creatures. This second edition includes new sections on advances in imaging technology and medications, as well as updated information on saddles, bits, poisonous plants, deworming practices, and natural horsemanship. 




(No reviews yet) Write a Review